Preços dos Combustíveis
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Preços dos Combustíveis

How prices are formed

Cooking Gas (LPG)

As you can see, Petrobras³ is responsible for a part of the price of cooking gas, but other factors enter into the calculation of the price⁴ that reaches you. 

Average price > R$ BR


R$ 44.97

( 40.2%)

Distribution and resale

R$ 11.84

( 10.6%)


R$ 0,00


Impostos Federais

R$ 54.94

( 49.2%)

Petrobras share


3. Petrobras elaboration based on data from ANP, based on average prices to final consumers in the 26 states and the Federal District (DF). 

6. Período de coleta de 24/07/2022 to 30/07/2022

*See price by state

*States where Petrobras has supply points for distributors

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